Busuu.com is an online community for learning languages.

This free language learning system is a wonder. The interface is impeccable. And the lessons and exercises are first-rate.

Here’s the best part: You are a member of a learning community. That means you coach students of your native language and receive coaching from native speakers of the language you are studying.

The exercises and activities are stimulating, and the course design is solid. You hear a lot of the language, you see many images associated with what you hear and read, and you write regularly.

But the real language learning will happen when you connect with Busuu users that are native speakers of the language you want to learn.

Those connections begin when you choose to critique the written work of Busuu students of your native language, and they can flourish when you use Busuu’s built-in chat application that includes text, audio, and video options.

Busuu’s 12 million users can study 12 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese.