Being Honest

Ok, we’re revisiting the nightmare scenario. You have an expensive smartphone that you stow in your laptop case. The nightmare part comes when you misplace the case.

So your top two can’t-live-without devices are GONE.

Yes, you experience some panic, and you feel a little sick, but at least you had the foresight to install Prey, or something like it, right?

But while Prey is a good solution for locking down a lost device, you also want to make it easy as possible for a Good Samaritan that might find your lost goods to contact you.

Think how difficult it would be for someone who found your laptop or your smartphone to locate and inform you. They’d have to boot up the device and do some work to get your name. That would take a Good Determined Samaritan. With spare time.

So here’s what the smart geeks are doing: ImHONEST.

Smart idea: Good Samaritan sees a distinctive ID label, calls a toll-free number, and next thing you know your precious precious is back in your hands. Your identity is kept private, and to make the return extra easy, the GS can use over 4,000 drop-off locations, or choose a pick-up service that will come to their front door.

So a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet, a camera, or other small valuable devices can be covered for one low yearly fee. Seems like good insurance. Possibly too good to be true.

And here’s a sweetener: A part of the proceeds go to a charity of your choice.