Attention Fellow Cheapskates: Laptop & Free Wireless Router Delivered for $379.95

If I had to buy a laptop today, I would get this one.

And, if you get that laptop, you qualify for this FREE D-Link Wireless Router if you buy it on the same order by Jan. 31st (after mail-in manufacturer rebate scroll down product page to see details).

Or, for about $25 more, get essentially the same machine (without the router bonus) with a larger display and a built-in web cam here.

Caveat Emptor: This post does not endorse the product or the vendor, and it does not represent the views of District 7. In my humble personal opinion, the laptop is extremely well equipped for a super low price. I would get one for myself if I needed a laptop right now. I also can say that the vendor – – has been trustworthy and reliable in my experience going back 10-years or so…