Another Edmodo Photo Moment

Edmodo = No flash drives

A Carver MS student came by a PC lab I was working in and asked to use one of the machines to complete an assignment he’d begun the day before.

I said ‘Sure’ and pointed to a workstation I wanted him to use.

The student asked to work on the same workstation he’d been assigned the day before because that is where his work had been saved.

So when the kid finished his work he asked me how he could print the document.  No printer.

How could he save it, then, for later?

No flash drive?


Solution: In about 5 minutes I had the student registered on Edmodo and the file uploaded to his Edmodo backpack.


  • Now the file is accessible 24/7 from any computer with internet access – the student no longer needs to return to the same computer in the same room to fetch his work
  • No flash drive required – the file can not be lost unless Edmodo implodes and disappears
  • The student can electronically share/submit the document to any Edmodo-connected teacher with a couple of clicks
  • All the above benefits require virtually no overhead, maintenance, management, or cost to anyone at Carver MS or the school district
  • The kid (pictured) had never heard of Edmodo until that moment, yet he required next to no instruction on how to upload the file once I showed him the link to his Edmodo ‘backpack’