Am·a·zon·ing / ǽməzɑ̀nɪŋ /   Verb: Doing a lot of your routine shopping at Amazon. As in, ‘I’ll get some batteries the next time I go Amazoning.’

It’s a new word, I just made it up myself, and I want credit, fame and fortune for being so clever. (Go ahead, Google the heck out of it and see if you can find a single instance where it’s been used before today. The first person to produce evidence of earlier usage gets three of my cats.)

Cashiers at Walmart, Dollar General, Big Lots, and JC Penney are probably wondering what happened to me. Whereas the UPS and FedEx guys are probably wondering what I’m up to in here…

And here’s a new deal sweetener: For $79 a year, you get free 2-day shipping on all orders large or small, AND, free downloads of thousands of movies on Amazon Prime. You won’t see Cars 2 anytime soon, but right now I’ve got ‘The Right Stuff’ and ‘Mosquito Coast’ in the queue. You begin watching the movies instantly on your PC (they look real good on a laptop display), and when you pause and go away, your place is marked the next time you log onto Amazon and click the film title.

Recycle the cardboard boxes.