A Neater GPS Auto Install

Got a portable GPS in your car? Is it suction-cupped to your windshield or dashboard? And do you have to plug it into the power socket every couple of hours?

If so, you might want to try a cleaner mounting option and do away with the power charger routine. (See photos below). Here’s how:

  1. A company named Arkon makes GPS clips that mount onto a vehicle’s AC vent grill. Puts the GPS in a good place, and works well. I have a large GPS (5″ screen) and the Arkon clip holds it fine. You want to go lightly on the screen touching because the clip is supported by the AC vent slats, but if you don’t slam and punch it there should be no worries.
  2. Make an appointment at Best Buy to have your GPS hardwired. Those kids are well-trained and they know their stuff. In about 45-minutes they can use your car charger to hardwire the GPS. That means everytime you start your car, the GPS just comes on. No more futzing around with the charger every few hours. And it frees up your dash power socket for other uses.

The hardwire power can be routed through the AC vent (at least on my vehicle). Look for the power cable in the photos. That is an extra neat touch – there is only a short loop of power cable just visible behind the GPS.

And yes, the GPS can easily be removed. The power unplugs from the USB port in the back of the unit, and the GPS comes out of the Arkon clip (and reinstalls) in a snap.

The Arkon clip should be less than $10; the Best Buy install cost $45 in South Carolina.