A Digital Reorganization Plan

My computer file storage system is about as neat and organized as a landfill.

On second thought, it’s not that good: the county landfill in Wellford at least has color-coded signs that direct you to separate sections for yard waste,  construction debris, and household trash. My computer files just get dumped in one place.Cat on PC

And I’ve got two separate landfills going – one at home and one at work.

That changes now. Here’s the plan:

  1. I will declare computer bankruptcy and put all my files into a single folder named ‘Landfill2009’ that will be saved for posterity on a flash drive.
  2. Then, I will start fresh by creating four new folders: Files, Images, Audio, and Apps
  3. Whenever I create a new file, or retrieve a file out of Landfill2009, it will be saved into one of those four new folders:
    • Files – all files of any kind created by software (docs, spreadsheets, databases, etc.)
    • Images – any file that is a picture, graphic, or video
    • Audio – music, podcasts, etc.
    • Apps – any software or application I download
  4. Each of the ‘Big Four’ folders will have a new system of subfolders that is logical and intuitive (unlike my present system). The first level of subfolders will be named for the first topic that the file evokes in my mind. The next level of subfolders – and hopefully the last level – will be more specific.

So the grand new design will work like this: Four main folders, then subfolders by general topic, and then subfolders by specific topic. Nice and anal. No more futzing around looking for files scattered around in all kinds of crazy places.

P.S. The Big Four folders will be on DropBox, which means that the files will be backed up, secure, and available from any computer with internet access. Another neat Dropbox feature: You don’t have to keep track of which copy of a file is most recent – Dropbox does that for you.