A Book Lover Buys a Kindle…

Three dots connected last week that led me to buy a Kindle, Amazon’s eBook reader.Kindle Newsweek Cover

I held one for the first time at EdTech at the same time I happened to be reading a big, hardcover history about the allied invasion of Sicily and Italy in World War 2.

The book was incredible (The Day of Battle by Rick Atkinson), and incredibly large. Lugging it around was an exercise in heavy lifting, and reading it was like an ongoing wrestling match.

The Kindle is light (10.3 ounces), readable with one hand, and its battery is so efficient I could have downloaded and read Atkinson’s book on the same charge without touching a wire or a computer.

The third dot was a recent article in the New York Times by an old-fashioned book lover whose Kindle gives her the 21st-century equivalent of the kind of pleasure and escape that book lovers have experienced as long as there have been books. You can read the NYT article here, and see more about the Kindle here.