A $90 Brain with a 1-Year Warranty

Dr. Google

I am now Google Apps Education Qualified. Passed the Google Apps Education Individual Qualification.

The online coursework is free, but the qualification costs $90 for the six-exam bundle.

Each exam is 60 objective questions that must be completed in 90 minutes. And the six exams must be completed within 90-days of each other. (Lots of ’90s’ going on here.)

You pass each exam with a score of 80 or better. (Glad that’s not another ’90’ thing.)

The Sheepskin

The six training modules are self-paced. Google provides time estimates for each module, but I found myself taking a good bit longer to work them. I’d guess I averaged 3.5 hours per module?

So I spent perhaps 30 hours on the course modules and the exams all together.

The certificate is valid for 1-year.

Learned a ton in the process. Read all about the program here if you are interested.

And henceforth, when our paths cross you should step back and bow deeply until I pass by. (Unless you too are ‘Qualified’ and know the secret handshake.)

Next up: Google Analytics.