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The Antipad, Part 1

iPads are selling like cheeseburgers. Apple reports over 100 million sold since March 2010. The iPad is so alluring that otherwise reasonable people camp outside stores to buy the latest …

Google Brain Child

The End of Memory

Google Apps has relieved my brain of memory duty. And so far it’s doing a better job than the old brain. Way better. Just about all my worldly information is …


Why Our Internet Stinks

Consumers in France, Finland, Japan, South Korea, Moldova, Latvia, Sweden, and about twenty other countries have this in common: they pay way less for home broadband that is up to …

Via Appia by Bike

When in Rome… Ride.

On our recent trip to Rome I spent several hours seeing the city on a rented bike. The bike rental place – Top Bike Rental & Tours – was great. …


The Yogis vs. The Orthopods

This story begins with extra bad shoulder pain that would not go away. So first you get an x-ray to see if it’s a bone thing. Negative. Then you tell …


When in Rome

Rome is unique. No other city has its super abundance of artistic, architectural, and historical richness spanning the Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque eras. And if you can stay in …

Forks Over Knives

The FOK Diet

Imagine that you go to the doctor and fail the blood test. You have high cholesterol. And several other risk factors for heart disease or stroke. If you are an …

Bean Salad

The Southern Stroke Diet

It seems that science keeps producing inconvenient evidence that strongly suggests the typical American diet is killing us. And according to this NPR blog post, the typical American diet Southern-style …

The Luxe Bidet

Toilet Talk

A small investment has changed my life. This incredible device has transformed a daily personal hygiene routine into something, well, wonderful. The old method I had used for this task …

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